Foreign Investment in Myanmar – The Myanmar Investment Rules

On 31 January 2013, the Ministry of National Planning and Economic Development of Myanmar released new detailed regulations to augment the 2012 Myanmar Foreign Investment Law (FIL). The regulations are comprised of two separate notifications, Notification 1/2013 and Notification 11/2013 (together the Myanmar Investment Rules).

The Myanmar Investment Rules provide significant additional detail on Myanmar’s new foreign investment regime and remove some uncertainty which remained following the publication of the FIL. Notification 1/2013 provides details on the business activities foreigners are permitted to engage in and the restrictions that apply. Notification 1/2013 divides economic activities into four categories. These are:

  1. Prohibited economic activities;
  2. Activities permitted to be conducted as joint ventures between foreigners and Myanmar nationals;
  3. Activities permitted under certain conditions or requiring approval; and
  4. Activities only allowed following an Environmental Impact Assessment.

Source: http://charltonsmyanmar.com/investing-in-myanmar/myanmar-investment-rules/