Colonial Building , ,  Yangon in Myanmar (Burmar)

The Myanmar Investment Commission (MIC) has issued approval to five separate apparel manufacturers who will operate in Myanmar on a ‘Cut-Make-Pack’ basis. The vast majority of Myanmar’s garment factories operate on a Cut-Make-Pack (sometimes referred to as ‘Cut-Make-Trim’) system. ‘Cut-Make-Pack’ is a form of contract whereby a foreign buyer with the necessary financial and technical abilities will pay contracting fees to a garment factory in Myanmar to carry out the labour-intensive task of cutting the textile fabric and then sewing garments together according to design specifications before packing the garment for export to international markets. The companies being approved are Myanmar Sumec Win Win Garment Co Ltd, Gainway International (Myanmar) Garment Co Ltd, Saung Oo Shwe Nay (Golden Sunshine) Co Ltd, Sanyuan (Myanmar) Apparel Manufacturing Co. Ltd and CM Garment Industrial Ltd. CM Garment Industrial Ltd is a locally owned company, while the rest have received foreign investment. The garment factories are located in industrial zones in Hlaingtharya, Shwepyitha and Hmawbi townships in Yangon. The newly approved businesses are expected to create 5,956 new jobs in Myanmar. Read more…